American Strategies

To achieve business success in the United States, an intimate knowledge of US markets, business norms, and differentiating factors between the US and your country must be developed. Years of experience have given ALS such knowledge and enable the offering of American Strategies, which include:

  • Strategic consulting specific to US markets
  • Evaluation of US business opportunities
  • Lean business approaches for international expansion
  • Reorganization to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Entry and consolidation strategies in USA
  • Market research, forecasting, and planning
  • Strategic business recommendations
  • Identification and recommendation of strategic partners and investors
  • Facilitation of negotiation processes\r\n
  • Legal support to your entry and consolidation in USA
  • Confidentiality and commercial agreements.
  • Legal advice
  • Establishing legal entities.
  • Statues and agreements.
  • Support in arbitration and litigation processes.
  • Support in acquisition of visas, permits and licenses.

USA Office

  • Services as liaison and office in the capital of the USA – Washington, D.C (Mail, phone, and other services)
  • Institutional Lobbying/Business Diplomacy: Relationships with federal and state entities such as international financial institutions (WB, IADB, OAS, IMF), US government administrations (Pentagon, Homeland, FDA, DOE, EPA), and state and federal agencies.
  • Political parties, institutions and Think Tanks: Connections, visits and meetings with Republican and Democratic Party, US Senate, US Congress, CATO Institute, Interamerican Dialogue, Leadership Institute, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and American universities (Georgetown, George Mason, George Washington, etc.)